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The Continent's
next 500 million opportunities

About Us

The Continent is building scaleable solutions that will drive social and economic development primarily in Africa. Via our organisations and partner collaborations, our vision is to create 500 million jobs for Africa over the next 15 years

What we do

The Continent is enabling job creation and social and economic development in Africa, via a focus on the following:

Unlocking access to opportunity
Enabling collaboration and connectivity
Talent, training & leadership development
Shaping transformative policy and governance
Deploying growth capital

Our Organisations

Movemeback is the online global members community, connecting the top 1% of skilled individuals from across the globe to high-impact opportunities, initiatives, collaborations and advice pertaining to Africa

The Continent500 Transformation Goals are a blueprint to achieve the creation of 500 million jobs for Africa – by outlining 10 high impact themes that are the drivers of opportunities for Africa

The Centre for Coordinated Response – Africa provide coordinated responses to matters of economic or social significance that span the African Continent, by mobilising and scaling community at all levels

Why Africa matters

Home to 13% of the world’s working-age population (estimated to reach 17% by 2030), Africa holds huge potential for the planet. The unification of the Continent created the world’s largest free trade area

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